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Yarn the Hours Away

by Foyer Red

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cherry collect cherry collect auto-running before the ground hits feet we’re running down the time on the dial (cruise control, take it slow, setting attainable goals) the sun fixed in corners, on the cube screen dodging the bog down, collecting cherries (three, two, one, go now, no more hesitating) running in place the place passes scrolls fast yeah we’re in the pipes, plumbers unite (utilize, pennywise, pocket-size) now in my dark room, do your lights go out too? (lead me to the glow of the crucible with eyes closed until there’s a reason to peak) sublime peace of no mind (fumbling for a valve to drain remnant fowl of…) or phantom feeling all of the hands that have ever contorted you cherry collect cherry collect running in case the place passes scrolls past yeah we’re in the pipes, plumbers unite (maximize, all the time, realize) you, without voltage, have you a single thought? of me (my efforts had been spent recoiling your ascent through a labyrinth absent of ceiling or floors) goodbye, i’ll forget you and leave you where you lie (attempts to keep your pace stuck my feet of clay into a kiln, i can’t call it when i should) you never really go to sleep never really lose your streak never rest your feet (always more in queue, let alone my groove, i will not stop without the highest score) you never stop to patch the leaks and it’s corroding everything (tomorrow i can change, today i need my things, i need all my things, i need all my things, i need all my things to get the job done, to get the job done) we are the pipes the tubes of the city throw a wrench in me
eyes on the prize i can grasp it in my hand sweat glands i drop it my stomach gnawing i survey my cabinets forget all about that when i click the ad the more that i pull the longer the rope this morning i’m free ‘cause i chose which side i’d start flossing my teeth my teeth what i say what i do i feel as though it’s me that chose what’s to gain what’s to lose in outmaneuvering instinct can’t get in the room (inside the room can’t get inside the room) programmed interior too (can’t get can’t get inside the room can’t get inside the room) programmed inferior too (can’t get can’t get inside the room can’t get inside the room) can’t get inside of the room (can’t get can’t get inside the room can’t get inside the room) who are they who are you all our lines are toed by the same dominos if i stray from the groove will we meet at the same place at the end as arranged? can’t get in the room (inside the room can’t get inside the room) programmed interior too (can’t get can’t get inside the room can’t get inside the room) programmed inferior too (can’t get can’t get inside the room can’t get inside the room) (can’t get)
Wetland Walk 03:24
well-seasoned in my neck of the woods wetland walk marshy muck sink into swamp blowin O’s back at toads sitting pretty on the dock i wade through those murky ebbs and flows i watch you right into the depths you’ll find me there insects orbiting thistles wings waver like my whistle in the thicket a chorus ribbits may you give me this dance cricket bide my time aiming the arrow don’t you see this time isn’t yours to keep crossfaded pitch dark don’t stray from the wetland walk you’ll be run into tree trunks like a punch in the stomach park ranger it’s time to rid me of color send me back to my mother a path restricted hemlocks sealed it off and only i can reveal it hark beetles snark getting dark can’t i lie here forever why not hail to my prey it’s my day, i’d say! so why not wetland walk a marshy muck sink into the fuckin swamp wetland walk a marshy muck sing me, sing me, sing me to swamp
keeper’s medley rewards not the finder she was a brave tangle dual wielding, charm locked ankle her saber marbled vermillion feigned vengeance into existence she buries her blade down deep in the sand your time is wasted on an endless spire ghost bridges want closure defunct pathways will we cross over? you press your heel in the concrete each stride makes a new machine even cities need to let out a sigh i sigh i sigh i sigh i hate the smoke til its in my chest then it tastes so good to me now that’s when i can breathe the best i sigh i stretch so high i reach for the sky part angel, part machinery
Etc 03:02
how does water find the air? how can you call it fair? who takes care of the grass? how can you call it fast? how, with voices all around? how, not to make a sound? you put me on a shelf you keep me to yourself parking lot find a spot in the shade right up front circling, engines rev who doth dare to race? halos are for horses but they aren’t for men, not for men if nature is unjust then change it if you can if you can douse yourself with water lying is your fate is your fate today you’ll never win, tomorrow’s another day gathering information will set you free once you’ve reached 37% of the database halos are for horses but they aren’t for men, not for men if nature is unjust then change it if you can if you can take my pony out for a gallop through your head through your head hold me like a baby softly in your bed in your bed in your bed
Gorgeous 04:42
Blue Jazz 03:00
Pocket 03:19
you reach into your pocket, try and touch the sky what price are things i buy how do i know i'm still alive they say we are hundreds of thousands years old got an ancient virus, it picked me like a flower now i can recall yesterday and the days that came before here are these belongings, arrange them all by size you’d like to be at the very top but these inner lines still spoiling for a fight in the cube a room press start to go trampoline and a porch to sit and be chewing on straw in an apartment all the things you forgot rotary type intersection driving backwards through time reach into your pocket reach into your pocket they say you can touch the sky passing by all the other places in my mind
Oh, David 02:25
Time Slips 02:53
oh let’s seize the night though no matter how hard i seem to try time slips just the very same through an open hand or a first clenched so i dance around a tune as the cosmos will me to the future’s path is paved we’re all just watching it all play out why is enough never enough to push that little button in the back of my brain? time waits in the wings in between an action and inaction counting tree rings on a crafted wooden chair how does one still exist when no one remembers? looks towards a cold, slouched moon moving tides on a planet face and sigh time slips just the very same i always knew the moths would come and chew their way through the loose ends sedimentation, the blow’s coming around the bend static on a screen it whispers to the spores seismically bury me sound asleep the mounds of moss keep me in good company
Big Paws 02:58
look before you listen its a two way street but we’re so quick we’ve barreled through the intersection stop (stop?) this ride (why?) alert the driver! now we’ve got both hands on the wheel I’ve got to, you’ve got to, we’ve got to find direction we’re sticking to the plot – you brought your big paws to the waterpark slide baby– it leaves a mark, the kind you get from racing through front of the queue hello (hello) listen close (okay) we’re turning dials to static odes the sun is high the tank is full the wild west’s an open road the diamondback looks coiled to strike we grit our teeth and speed ahead and know this desert owes us nothing we’re chasing trains of thought – yours went left and mine to the waterpark motor memory– not easily forgotten when you’re two twin snakes tangled in a knot dove or dove read or read lead or lead tears or tears wound or wound engine piff puffin, sporting those rose colored glasses from the water park vending machine yield to yellow lines, don't cross til they turn white all i see is red in a desert of green
Toy Wagon 03:51
a dame with perfect palms that I let go of she let go of mine among the low fly buzz she’s like sweet persimmon pie muddied boots will wash away but her shag will stain my fingers this draw is overdrawn she is a countryside i’d wander her hills into the dawn cherry pits and freckled sun she rows me to the water’s yawn swallowed the amber light that left all the cornstalks dry tied a knot in our denim frays stumble in the damp smoke high a certain piece of calico gets me dandered up i’ve got barn sour blues to come back to you x2 soon as i set my cap she’s dyed in my wool ballad of the salty stone the wind has gone home she fills her blanket we’re full as a tick feels like diggings together unshucked i’d love to yarn the hours away bone orchard sunset with calamity jane internal polka always on my toes the ground the heels of my boots never know burning the breeze on palomino wine her mushroom moon musk is music to mine her mushroom moon musk is music to mine music to mine feels so divine just like old times


Foyer Red’s debut LP, Yarn the Hours Away, plays out as a collection of short stories, each with its environment and protagonist(s) meticulously crafted by the band, with lead singer, vocalist, and clarinetist Elana Riordan at the helm. Foyer Red’s debut EP, Zigzag Wombat, showcased their playfully chaotic arrangements, which bridge art-punk, math rock, and sweetly sung indie with a dash of the zoomies. The band synthesizes their homespun take on magical realist indie rock that was centered on their EP with their varied musical influences; taking cues from the otherworldly melodies of Cate Le Bon, Yucky Duster’s jangle-filled crayon rock, and the organized chaos of Deerhoof’s iconic polyrhythms. The songs that makeup Yarn the Hours Away are fantastical, surrealist stories that hinge on contemporary, post-digital life.

The lead single “Etc” captures this dynamic perfectly. Anchored by Eric Jaso’s hypnotizing bass line, the song unfolds with off-kilter call-and-response vocals between Riordan and Kristina Moore, their stilted deliveries bouncing around the mix. The track is searching but discontent with the algorithmic and claustrophobic realities of daily life: singer/guitarist Mitch Myers throws the song for a loop singing, “gathering information / will set you free once you’ve reached / 37 percent / of the database.” While there’s paranoia and cynicism undergirding the lyrics, the song itself is a thrilling and playful listen.

The songs on Yarn the Hours Away are uniformly exciting and compelling; each track feels distinct and sometimes even in direct conflict. The peppy opener “Plumbers Unite!” belies its themes of gamification of our daily lives and delves into the science fiction and fantasy songwriting of Foyer Red’s debut EP. Centered around a relentless rhythm section, their dueling vocals never abate; Moore and Riordan’s honey-sweet but getting more frantic as the song progresses, while Myers’ erratic talk-singing culminates in one final frustrated scream. Juxtapose this with “Gorgeous,” a lovely song about Riordan and drummer Marco Ocampo’s relationship that sees the band slowing their pace into a blissful sway. Riordan coos and sighs over the track while recalling “Marco-isms”; botched colloquialisms that Ocampo uses.

“Gorgeous” shares little in common with “Pocket,” a loose lamentation on late capitalism that touches on time travel and human evolution. Moore and Riordan’s exclamations are chopped up and used as rhythm instruments, layered over the intricately frenetic guitars of Myers and Moore. Foyer Red thrives on these extremes and contradictions. Where their first release was self-recorded, this LP found them in Figure8 Studios with a deadline. “It was really liberating,” says Jaso. “We're all just kind of throwing in our own voices and challenging each other to make the songs better.”

Yarn the Hours Away comes from a lyric on the closer “Toy Wagon.” The song that first marked the time Moore and the rest of the band worked together, a promising spark of a thrilling collaboration to come. “It harkens back to all of us coming together and spending the hours together in music,” says Moore. “There are few moments where you get to relax and exhale,” adds Riordan. “It's what happened when the five of us got together and started writing. We just wrote all of these out there songs and we didn't see a reason to dial that back. Its natural form is in its chaos and layered craziness.”


released May 19, 2023

Written and performed by Foyer Red
Mixed, Engineered & Produced by Jonathan Schenke
Mastered by Joe Lambert Mastering
Record at Figure 8 Recording
Album art by Juli Majer

Elana Riordan - Vocals, lyrics, omnichord, clarinet, flute
Kristina Moore - Vocals, lyrics, electric guitar, glockenspiel, mellotron
Mitch Myers - Vocals, lyrics, electric guitar
Eric Jaso - Bass guitar
Marco Ocampo - Drums, aux percussion


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Foyer Red Brooklyn, New York


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